Tell The Story of a Brand Through Experiential Theatre

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Experiential Marketing is part of most large brands marketing budget, but how do you use immersive theatre within experiential marketing to create memorable, shareable experiences? And how do you heighten an attachment to a brand’s product or service through immersive theatre? We have been looking in to the best ways to do this and how… Read more »

Using Immersive Theatre For More Than Entertainment

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By its very nature immersive theatre takes many different forms, in vastly differing spaces and with different intended outcomes. The use of immersive theatre for more than entertainment is something that interests all of us at Civilised Mess. The use of immersive theatre with an objective, be it to raise awareness of a particular subject, discover more about… Read more »

18th Century Ladies – Puppet Theatre Skirt

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We are pleased to say that our latest creation, designed and made by our creative team, is now completed. The visual element of the dress has taken inspiration from 18th century fashion but the hoop skirt has been designed to house a miniature puppet theatre. Using custom made puppets an additional performer appears under the skirt to tell… Read more »

Intimidating Immersive Theatre From Carlsberg

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A short and simple stunt from Carlsberg that unwittingly dares cinema goers to not feel intimidated by the rest of the audience. The immersive theatre piece shows how a simple concept can work to produce a shareable piece of marketing content. I think it would have been easy to make this more complicated but the uncomplicated… Read more »

DHL Marketing Campaign Uses Immersive Theatre?

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We don’t think this quite ticks the box of immersive theatre but we love the creativity of the DHL marketing team who make their competition the centre of attention and the performers in this viral video “Trojan Mailing” 700 people in the United valentino outletCheryl Cole Angelina Out Victoria Beckham is World’s Most Glamorous Celebrity in… Read more »