Live Body Painting at Events – Graffiti On Girls

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Graff On Girls

Cirque Le Soir is an exclusive  “circus night club” based in the west end of London. They are always looking for new and exciting ideas to entertain guests at the club.  We were recently called to work along side the very talented graffiti artist Batlow and this exciting project sounded perfect for the audience at Cirque…. Read more »

Event Walk About Entertainment

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Our Goblins went out on another adventure last week. This time with the help of the amazing costumers at Prangsta. Prangsta are a professional costumiers based in south London. For this event they helped us custom design costumes for our two goblin characters. After deciding what to wear at their shop during the week (yes… Read more »

The Goblin Characters Complete

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We completed out goblin characters and sent them to their first event last weekend. Our client was putting on a goblin king themed ball, so our characters were perfect for the event. Primarily workers, these goblins enjoy being in and around the guests serving drinks, canapes, working in the cloak room and attending the toilets…. Read more »

Eye Ball Kid at Cirque Du Soir

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If you are a member of the circus themed night club Cirque Du Soir, you may have seen on of our performance hires in action. Take this one for example that we found on the Cirque Du Soir Facebook page. Our actress uses a combination of body art, costume and prosthetic special effects to create… Read more »

The Goblins

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The Goblins

When we first started thinking about creating Civilised Mess, we discussed that we wanted to use makeup and prosthetics as an integral part of creating realistic characters you wouldn’t normally be able to see outside of the movies. These characters would not only look real but our actors would embody the physicality of whatever character… Read more »

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