Boom Town Fair 2016

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Posted in Immersive Theatre.

Each year Civilised Mess are asked to create a late night immersive party experience at Boom Town Fair. Boom Town is one of the largest festivals in the UK and is held in the natural ampitheatre of Matterley Bowl, Winchester.

Located down town in Barrio Loco, the festivals South American district, Civilised Mess produced ‘The Disposal Unit’ a group of misfit outcast characters living within a landfill site created from the waste of the Boom Town mayor and tyrant, Jose Burrita.
Our main attraction was the 30 minute stage show performed each night in front of a packed audience along side other cabaret style stage shows during the evening.

The majority of the set for this piece was created using rubbish found on street and destined for land fill. The characters live on the landfill site and used items they find around them to create their costumes and personality.  Take a look at the pictures and Youtube video below or take a look at our mini site that highlights our festival work.

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