Brand Awareness

Civilised Mess work with clients and agencies to create ideas and content to make brand events and occasions stand out from the crowd. From creating immersive theatrical experiences that illustrate your core brand messages to using interactive theatre to launch experiential campaigns, we have the creativity and skills to make truly unique theatrical experiences. Our team consists of theatre directors and writers, technical producers, set designers and builders, theming and costume specialists as well as event planning experts, so we have the ability to see a project through from developing ideas to taking a campaign on the road.
Cath Kidston

For the past two years, Civilised Mess has had a working relationship with the popular brand Cath Kidston. Providing them with pop up theatrics, interactive theatrical experiences and flash mob style performances.


We’ve got Christmas All Wrapped Up
In keeping with the brand, Cath Kidston asked us to produce a piece that created a nostalgic Christmas atmosphere within it’s flagship store for Christmas 2014. We came up with a flashmob style performance where we secretly planted classical singers and performers within the Piccadilly store. These performers were disguised as store workers and shoppers, milling about and doing their jobs until one secret singer burst into song. Other singers also joined to create a choir, performing a mix of traditional christmas carols and more contemporary Christmas songs. Then more surprise performers kept appearing and acting out movie style festive scenes to the sounds of the singers. For more on this, view the project on our blog.


Totes Big or Totes Small Campaign
Immersive TheatreThroughout 2014, Civilised Mess worked on the popular Totes Big or Totes Small campaign. We provided interactive ‘Bag Readings’ for customers in store, where we told their fortunes by the contents of their handbags. Read more about this project on our blog.





Brightening Up Your Day
Bespoke Character DesignIn 2013 we created a custom made tea party installation for the opening of the Cath Kidston store in Canary Wharf. We encouraged shoppers to have a break, sit down with us, share a cup of pink lemonade, a cake and a chat. The aim was to simply brighten up peoples day which matched the core values of the Cath Kidston brand.