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Treasured Toy Shop

This year we were hired by Plan A Events and The Events Mill to provide actors, costume, script, sound, lighting, and part of the set build for their christmas run in Mayfair. A multi sensory dining experience for corporate christmas parties in the west end of London. The show was based around a toy shop… Read more »

18th Century Ladies – Puppet Theatre Skirt

We are pleased to say that our latest creation, designed and made by our creative team, is now completed. The visual element of the dress has taken inspiration from 18th century fashion but the hoop skirt has been designed to house a miniature puppet theatre. Using custom made puppets an additional performer appears under the skirt to tell… Read more »

The Conjoined Twins Character

Following the success of our ‘Conjoined Twins’ project in early 2013, we decided to develop the design and performance further – as a company we strongly believe in keeping ideas fresh, always developing, to make the work the best it can be. The twins perform in-crowd interactive performances and installations at events before heading to… Read more »