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Treasured Toy Shop

This year we were hired by Plan A Events and The Events Mill to provide actors, costume, script, sound, lighting, and part of the set build for their christmas run in Mayfair. A multi sensory dining experience for corporate christmas parties in the west end of London. The show was based around a toy shop… Read more »

Boom Town Fair 2016

Each year Civilised Mess are asked to create a late night immersive party experience at Boom Town Fair. Boom Town is one of the largest festivals in the UK and is held in the natural ampitheatre of Matterley Bowl, Winchester. Located down town in Barrio Loco, the festivals South American district, Civilised Mess produced ‘The… Read more »

Come to Bed at The Savoy

When Christopher Mills of The Events Mill asked us to collaborate with him on his latest production we jumped at the chance. Christopher is known for his incredibly creative vision in the events world. This particular production it was the joint venture between himself and Bruce Russell of ‘By Bruce Russell’ so we knew it was… Read more »

Flash Mob Style Event For Cath Kidston

The brief given by Cath Kidston was a simple task of providing festive carol singing for their Christmas event at the flagship store in Piccadilly. As always it was important for us to put our own unique slant on the work, to make it different, interesting and surprising. Cath Kidston is homely, pretty, kitch and nostalgic. We… Read more »