Prosthetic Characters

It is our shared belief that high level prosthetics are not just for the movies.  Our team of industry professionals are passionate about bringing characters to life that can be enjoyed up close or live on stage. Each of these characters can be hired for walk around performance, theatrical stage shows and living installation performance.

The Goblins

Prosthetic Goblins

These two characters are created using the same techniques used in the film industry. Their believable look matched with hilarious stage shows and walk around routines means they are adored by crowds.

We have lots of great ideas for how these two cheeky goblins can interact and entertain your guests; with the ability to change acts depending on the audience. Our performers are always more than happy to create bespoke performances themed around your night or your own stories. At the Annual Goblin King Ball, an event run by Guerrilla Zoo, the goblins served creepy canapes and offered a shoe polishing service for guests before breaking free of their shackles and surprising the crowd with an unexpected hip hop dance routine. Contact us for availability and prices or for more pictures, head over to our prosthetic character Pinterest board or take a look at the gallery below.

The Mermaids


We have two octopus and urchin clad mermaids straight from the depths of the sea that can create a stunning visual for any event. Their unique look is made with custom prosthetics and body paint giving this fantasy character a believability that has amazed audiences time and again.

The mermaids work beautifully as a living installation for guests to encounter as they first arrive, they can be placed anywhere in a venue to work with an existing theme or design, or we can create a custom-made area for the mermaids to occupy. Hire a sailor character or two to go with our mermaids and suddenly they can become ‘walk-about characters’ – ‘Walk about’ becoming a hilarious concept – Audiences enjoy seeing the troubles that are encountered when you have a fin instead of legs!

As the sailors carry the mermaids around the event they can stop and entertain guests with cheeky sea shanties on acoustic instruments, comically dramatic poetry or monologues of the torments of life at sea.

All our characters are versatile in the way they perform and our actors are more than happy to adapt performances to audience tastes and requirements. When our mermaids and sailors performed at a large event on the MS Stubnitz, a pre World War II fishing boat, they entertained crowds with musical performances, interactive games like ‘message in a bottle’ where guests are encouraged to write notes to other guests, hand delivered by a poetic french speaking sailor and they specifically hired a juggling sailor and fire eating mermaids for a fiery finish. Contact us for availability and prices or for more pictures, head over to our prosthetic character Pinterest board or take a look in the gallery below.

 The Twins

Conjoined Twins Split ShowThese two beautiful twins interact with guests throughout the evening with flirty and giggly walkabout characters. Fanning each other, interrupting each other and finishing each others sentences. Audiences are treated to their famous ‘Double Feathered Fan Dance’, a burlesque act that ends in a very unexpected and gory way!

The Siamese Twins are perfect if you are looking for something to really shock and surprise your guests, however, if the burlesque gore show isn’t right for you they can simply perform as conjoined walkabout characters in corsets and head dresses, with feather fans or with any other specific requirements or ideas suitable to your event.

The Eye Ball Kid

Eye Ball ProstheticsAnother freaky stage show is the Eye Ball Kid. Prosthetic eyes are attached to the face and nipples to create a truly bizarre character. The Eyeball Kid can do a burlesque performance to reveal their deformities and then perform an interactive walk around act to entertain guests.





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