Flash Mob Style Event For Cath Kidston

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The brief given by Cath Kidston was a simple task of providing festive carol singing for their Christmas event at the flagship store in Piccadilly. As always it was important for us to put our own unique slant on the work, to make it different, interesting and surprising. Cath Kidston is homely, pretty, kitch and nostalgic. We wanted to create a performance that honoured that brand, mixing traditional with the modern and giving customers that extra little gift that might brighten up their day. To create the mix of traditional and modern, we chose to  provide carol singers with a flash mob style performance angle.


 We hired four professional classical singers from our wide collection of performers we work with, this was to make the singing that extra bit special. Instead of a mass choir performing carols in the same key, we used quirky variations of the classic carols arranged in complex and pretty four part harmonies. We then used four actors to perform while the singing was happening; acting out festive scenes, dances, interactions and games with the audience. All the while, highlighting Cath Kidston’s marketing campaign for the festive season ‘We’ve got Christmas All Wrapped Up’.

The singers and actors pretended to be either customers or shop assistants, wandering the store shopping for Christmas gifts or working on the changing room and tills. Then out of the blue one would start singing, surprising the guests in store with the pop up performance. One by one the other singers would join in until all four were singing together in a choir formation, at this point the audience would clap and believe the performance was over until the singers started again and this time the actors revealed themselves from the crowd and started to perform. Performances like an interactive game of pass the parcel with guests in the shop to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer or unwrapping a beautifully wrapped Cath Kidston present under the christmas tree to Santa Baby and discovering its ‘that’ dress you’ve always wanted.

 All the performers wore Cath Kidston clothes, whether that was a jumper, dress, hat and scarf combo or a pair of printed pyjamas. The work was done with the Cath Kidston styling and brand at the forefront of the performance.

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