Super Villains!

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Earlier this year, Civilised Mess were asked to produce an immersive and interactive piece for a superhero themed conference and party¬†at the Excell centre. We chose to produce the villains for the event with our characters including a custom made cat suit, custom made prosthetic pieces for Poison Ivy and Penguin as well as using our Goblin character to create the Green Goblin. Alongside the characters, we produced two interactive games to fit within the down town gotham city theme as well as a ‘Riddlers lair brain reading experience’.

The highlight for us was writing and directing a short piece in which the joker interrupted a keynote speech during the conference earlier in the day, only to be apprehended by the Batman and Robin in front of 600 amused (and some bemused) delegates.

The Riddler invited delegates to take a seat within his lair in which he would broadcast their embarrassing or shocking memories on to his wall of screens using his special brain reading device. Over at the police station our bumbling police officer hosted a Nerf gun shooting gallery, overlooked by The Joker in his jail cell who had been apprehended earlier in the day.

The other game at the noodle bar involved 99 cans of silly string, two pairs of swimming goggles and very few rules!

Please take a look at the characters as well as immersive installations and games we produced.

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