A few examples of our recent work

Actec Christmas

The brief…

Produce an Aztec temple themed theatrical party space with live stage show and a Christmas twist. Provide all sound, lighting and technical assistance on site.

What we did…

For the stage show element, we built a large Aztec inspired temple. With UV reactive set, backlit with LED. Our stage show was a 30 minute sacrificial ceremony. Characters were body painted in UV and wore South American inspired clothing and head dresses. Our set and dress department provided custom made totem poles around the building and the technical team provided sound and lighting support through out the venue.

What our client said…

“You did a fantastic job, everybody absolutely loved it. It was perfect mix of the weird and wonderful, naked ladies hanging by their hair, father Christmas sacrifices, pure comedy genius and all-out party” – Dan Johnson, Two Penny Blue.

Find out more about this event in our blog post.

Event Space Production & Custom Immersive Character Creations – SQLBits Microsoft End of Conference Party

The brief…

Create a fun, entertaining secret room for guests to discover.
Create an installation for the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ themed area
Provide interactive games and entertainment

What we did…

Produced an interactive Mad Hatters tea party space with the help of actors playing the roles of the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit characters. We custom designed and created the performance, costumes and prosthetics to create characters that looked great as well as engaged and entertained throughout the evening.
We created an intimate chill out space to hold 40 people away from the main party space in which we ran a small cocktail bar and cabaret performances throughout the evening.
We also supplied DJs, Fire show performances and interactive illusionists.

What our client said…

“Thank you for all your support, your creativity, patience and general fabulousness.  As cliché as it is, I seriously could not have put such an event on without each of you and your team….thank you so much for all you did for us bringing together our band or random thoughts into an amazing evening” Julia Benfield, Sneaky Productions

 Brand Awareness – Cath Kidston Store Launch

Two of our performers with a guest at the Cath Kidston store launch.

Two of our performers with a guest at the Cath Kidston store launch.

The brief….
  • Create a fun and exciting brand experience for customers
  • Maximise awareness of Cath Kidston and our new store in Jubilee place
  • Drive Footfall and incremental sales
  • Brighten up peoples day
What we did…

We were tasked with creating characters that would engage with the audience while creating awareness for the Cath Kidston brand at the tea party that had been created by the Cath Kidston marketing team. We created a custom made wig with mushrooms growing out of the sides to match the print on the Cath Kidston dress.

Lizzie from Civilised Mess was our lead performer at this event “Setting the scene with vintage tango music, we invited commuters, shoppers and workers on their lunch to have a glass of pink lemonade and a cake with us…We chatted to them with slightly exaggerated theatrical characters – with the aim to ‘brighten up their day’. A compliment, a helpful piece of advice, a funny story, even at one point a song and a waltz with a customer around the shopping centre! It was slightly larger than life to attract people’s eye but it was very personable – just to make people feel their afternoon had become a little nicer.”

What our client said…

“Creating theatre in one of Canary Wharf’s shopping centres with two performers brought our Cath Kidston tea party alive. We attracted much attention, brightened up people’s day and ultimately drove people to visit our newly opened store” – Brenna Duncan,  Cath Kidston

Character Creation – Third Mind Productions

Prosthetic GoblinsThe Brief…

Create two ‘goblins’ to perform an interactive theatre piece to entertain guests at an event.

What we did..

Researched and developed designs before sculpting and moulding two prosthetic head pieces to create two life like goblin characters. Our creative team then created fun, quirky interactive performances to entertain guests. Activities such as goblin toilet attendants, shoe shining services (Not easy when you are 356 years old) and a goblin canapé service.

What our client said..

The quality of your work was above and beyond anything we expected and the overall look and performances throughout the event raised the bar in terms of what interactive entertainment at events can be. Thank you. – James Elphick, Third Mind Productions

Character Creation – Rumpus Productions

Mermaid - Bespoke CreationsThe Brief…

Create two life life mermaid characters and create interactive games for guests to play throughout a special event on a pre WWII fishing boat.

What we did..

Created two head piece sculpts and fish like arms & stomach sculpts that where cast as prosthetic pieces. The prosthetic pieces along with body paint and make-up on the day lead to the creation of two life like mermaid creatures. Our performance team then created sea based interactive games to engage and entertain guests aboard the ship.

What our client said..

“Civilised Mess have contributed to our events on numerous occasions, and each time they create a bigger, better and more amazing world for our crowd to wander into and inter act with. They seamlessly combine an abundance of creativity with a rare level of professionalism and an ability to constantly over deliver” – Santi Genochio, Rumpus Productions


Youth Theatre Workshops and Performance

A Youth Theatre ProjectWe were commissioned to create a summer project for 11-18 year olds in the North East focusing on the ‘Good to be Me’ Key Stage Project. We worked with the children using various different devising styles to allow them to create their own work which celebrated their individuality. After a week of devising, theatre workshops and circus skill classes we performed an hour show at The Peoples Theatre in Newcastle Upon Tyne to a public audience.

“I really saw my daughter open up this week, she was happy, chatty and full of confidence. During the final performance one of her poems was read out as other children performed movement around – She would never normally allow anyone to hear her writing let alone have it performed in a theatre. I was brimming with pride!” (Mother of participant)

The Dolls House Prosthetic Gore Show – Halloween 2012

prosthetic-goreWe were commissioned to create a Halloween stage show loosely based on the Rob Zombie film ‘House of 1000 Corpses’  for a large event in Bristol. While our theatre makers produced the show our prosthetic artists created custom made wounds, a beating heart and a wig to give the appearance one of the performers had been ‘scalped’ on stage.

What our Client Said…

“We keep hiring Civilised Mess to create surreal and original performances for our live events and every time they blow our minds wide open. We can’t get enough of this talented, creative collective and neither can our guests!” Mike Freear, Slamboree

‘The Alternative Pantomime’

The Alternative PantomimeCivilised mess were hired for a Christmas party to create and perform a 20 minute physical performance to entertain guests. We performed a traditional pantomime storyline to a specially designed soundtrack and adapted the story and ideas to fit the theme of the night. Our technical team provided special effects to give the performance a professional finish.