The Conjoined Twins Character

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Following the success of our ‘Conjoined Twins’ project in early 2013, we decided to develop the design and performance further – as a company we strongly believe in keeping ideas fresh, always developing, to make the work the best it can be. The twins perform in-crowd interactive performances and installations at events before heading to the stage to perform a short piece, created by our creative director, Lizzie West. The original piece was inspired by vintage circus cabaret performances and Lizzie’s love of dark comedy. In this performance the twins are literally pulled apart as they fall in love with objecting forces. This gory separation is made possible with a custom prosthetic which holds the twins together by the waist but then is able to split open dramatically.

Our lead make-up artist Grace McComisky was tasked with an updated brief; to make the characters even more theatrical in design and more diverse in the ways they could be used. As with all our characters we strive to create unique hand made costumes, wigs and prosthetics; so Graces first idea was a complete costume re-vamp.  With dramatic diamanté encrusted skull wigs and an eye catching ‘conjoined corset’ the twins now had the ability to be a purely character based act, so if clients required, the twins could be 100% family friendly. As for underneath the ‘conjoined corset’ Grace made custom made bras and matching skull pasties to compliment the diamanté encrusted skull wigs. The biggest change of all was the complete re-moulding of the prosthetic join. This was sculpted on two mannequins, which allowed a mould to be made and then it was re-produced in Silicone for the final prosthetic piece. The new prosthetic allows for an even more realistic and gory climactic end to the stage show. Check out our (WHATEVER THAT PHOTO/VIDEO THING IS) to see the gory separation in action.

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