Alice in Wonderland

White Rabbit CharacterTo celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland we have created an interactive experience featuring a selection of our favourite characters from the well loved book. Follow Alice and fall down the rabbit hole, experience a tea party with the nutty Mad Hatter and the jittery white rabbit, watch the Red Queens unique puppet show after a game of flamingo croquet, and see what happens to the bendy contortionist knave when he steals the Queens precious jam tarts! Take a closer look at the characters here.


Florence, Lucinda and Puppet Theatre Dress

Civ Mess Dress Shoot-0039 lowresFlorence and Lucinda are ladies of leisure, decked out in elaborate costumes styled on the luxurious   fashions of the 18th century they love to socialise with the audience and tell their stories. Florence’s ginormous dress doubles as an ornate puppet theatre to which Lucinda actually climbs inside and acts as puppeteer. The stories told can be ones from our repertoire or clients can suggest a story or idea and we will make a bespoke creation for that particular event/marketing campaign. Stories can be adapted to suit any ages and audiences.


El Spectaculo Esquelletto

Evil Ring Leader - Don Alacran El Spectaculo Esquelletto or ‘The Skeleton Spectacular’ is our Dias De Muertos immersive experience. The ring master Don Alacran leads audience on a journey through the colourful and creative world of The Day of the Dead. UV reactive bodypainted characters, an interactive makeup boutique for guests to become part of the story themselves and a full hour long themed stage show to entertain the audience. The stage show consists of physical theatre, dance, circus, sideshow, gore and audience interaction. This immersive experience can be adapted to fit any sized venue, with beautiful hand made décor we can transform any space. Take a look at more images from recent events here


The Goblins

Goblin CharactersOur full prosthetic goblins were our first creation as Civilised Mess and since then have traveled the world entertaining guests, becoming parts of sets and performing in larger scale interactive shows/experiences. The movie level quality of the prosthetics make these characters not only believeable but also compelling to look at, talk to, interact with and become involved with their story. Take a closer look at the goblin characters here


Victorian Freak Show

Conjoined Twins Split ShowOur expertise in makeup, prosthetics, wig making and special effects have allowed us to create one of the most unique Freak Shows out there. Our dark style of theatrics make for comedic and dramatic stage shows as well as a whole host of installations that can be hired. See The Conjoined Twins and experience their story, their journey from being insepatatable to being literally torn apart! The bearded ladies comedic and clown like routines and find out what exactly the Eyeball Kid actually is…take a look at more pictures here.


Nautical Tales

Mermaid - Bespoke CreationsMermaids, Pirates, Sailors and Sea Creatures. Interactive installations, storytelling, puppetry and music. This theatrical experience uses breathtaking prosthetics and costumes to create a fantasy world audience can truly loose themselves in. The mermaids (or even mermen) can be cast as musicians, opera singers, storytellers or puppeteers to adapt to the event/marketing campaign. Want a pirate ship made to add to this? See Bespoke Creations.


Halloween and Horror

Twisty the Clown make-upOur experience in makeup, prosthetics and special effects allow us to be experts at horror and gore. From the creepy porcelain dolls to our tribute to American Horror Story’s ‘Twisty The Clown’ we have many acts, shows, installations and experiences to make for something truly scary and bizarre that can fit a mixture of events, not just Halloween. Why not place all our characters together in a house and you’ll have one fantastic immersive haunted house.


Cult Experience

Cult Immersive CharacersA creepy clan of cult followers surround leader Brian Zeppah, their spiritual guru. He is their leader and their inspiration. Audience can join in with the cult as they partake in group yoga sessions, their ‘singing circle’, chanting, craft sessions and other strange activities. This immersive and interactive performance is comedic, lighthearted and a useful tool for events/corporate days where clients are wanting audience to partake in activities which could be used for team building exercises. There is an option to have the Cult Experience end with a ceremonial fire performance around a bonfire/campfire/’Wickerman’ style burning. View more images here



Fire show burlesqueHire Civilised Mess to perform a unique fire show/experience for your event. We use a mixture of existing fire props as well as our own unique custom fire prop creations. Our fire shows can be themed around any of our other character creations, for example you could add the option of a fire show to the Alice in Wonderland experience with a fiery Red Queen and a Mad Hatter with a flaming top hat.


Live Art Work

8074888778_c6674a5503_bWe are specialists in body painting and other types of live artwork; painting, ‘marker pen free styling’, graffiti and illustrations to name a few. Hire Civilised Mess to create some live artwork for your event, this can happen prior to the event and be teamed with performance or created live during the event as an installation for audience to watch and see develop though out the course of the event. The live art work can be in any style with any theme, it can tell a story or be used as a background to other performance. Take a closer look at more work here


Flat Packed Theatre

Immersive SpaceCurrently we are working on a really exciting project; Flat Packed Theatre. It is our aim to create a pop up installation that can be put up quickly in any space or venue. This installation has been designed to roughly take the form of an ‘Ames Room’; a space that creates a forced perspective. We will create a 20ft corridor that give the audience member the illusion that they are growing whilst the corridor is shrinking. There will be multiple rooms coming off this corridor to host various performances/activities and the installation itself will be versatile so it can house many different briefs, shows, stories and themes. One day it is the shrinking corridor from Alice in Wonderland, the next it is Twisty the Clowns fun house of horrors and delights, anything is possible. This creation will be ready by April this year.